Oakland School Leaders: Safety Key Concern We Stand With Teachers


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February 21, 2019      



Scott Treibitz



Oakland School Leaders:  

Safety Key Concern We Stand With Teachers


Statement from

Lauran Waters-Cherry, President

JoAnna Lougin, Executive Director

United Administrators of Oakland Schools

“As our Oakland teachers go on strike, we strongly support their fight for smaller class sizes, more support for students, and a living wage for educators.  We work with these dedicated teachers every day, and most of us were classroom teachers ourselves.  We’ve been in their shoes, and we know first-hand the struggles they – and our students – face every day due to inadequate funding and support for our schools.

The safety of each and every one of our students and schools will always remain our utmost priority. For that reason, Oakland school leaders will be in our schools as usual --- standing with Central office members and partners greeting our students with compassion and empathy.  We will strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment during this very difficult time.

But we urge the school district to abandon the notion that students can learn and schools will function without professional teachers, and the supports of our counselors, psychologists, librarians, speech pathologists, social workers, early childhood and adult education teachers.  

We will monitor the situation daily and get feedback from principals, assistant principals and educational managers as to the reality of their schools and will report back with recommendations to the district and our members.

We have written the Superintendent asking that she consider closing our schools until this strike is resolved. In times of crisis, acts of courage and boldness can ignite the legislature to fully fund a public education that serves and meets the needs of all our children.”


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