Fighting for Educational Quality, Equity and Opportunity

UAOS Issues

Funding for a First Class Education

Investments in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) are investments in the future leaders of Oakland, Calif., our state, and nation. All Oakland students deserve full-service community and financially secure schools that can provide them with the resources to support the whole child and the education necessary for a prosperous future. For years, Oakland communities have endured repeated cuts to education budgets. This harmful trend must be reversed and Oakland schools must be fully funded to support the needs of students, parents, educators, and school leadership.

Strengthening the Public School System

High quality public education is critical to the success of our city and students. As certificated and classified employees of OUSD, we work tirelessly to ensure every Oakland student has a safe and engaging educational opportunity.  All United Administrators of Oakland Schools (UAOS) members serve a variety of essential roles in educational success. Whether it is through creating a welcoming learning environment, providing varied behavioral supports to the school and classroom environment(s), developing lessons on challenging subjects, or supporting students working on new projects, UAOS members are working to make sure students thrive and are both academically and socially successful.

Retaining Dedicated Education Professionals

Oakland teachers, site principals, and school central office employees (UAOS members) are dedicated to ensuring students have what they need to be ready to learn. Quality educators are pivotal to student success. In order to retain and continue to attract the best teachers and staff, improving work conditions and fostering supportive work environments must be a priority.

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