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About United Administrators of Oakland Schools

We are educational/operational managers and leaders in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) who joined together in union to strengthen our working conditions and enhance our public school system.

United Administrators of Oakland Schools (UAOS) is affiliated with the American Federation of School Administrators, AFL-CIO (AFSA), as ASFA Local 83.

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California Central Labor Council

Alameda Labor Council

California Urban School Administrators


UAOS Leadership



Lauran Cherry

Program Manager, Attendance and Discipline, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)

An educator to her core, Lauran Cherry has served children and fellow educators for decades. Her work has been recognized as outstanding - as her many awards attest - including being a recipient of Milken Educator Award in 2000 and Behring Scholar.

Formerly an early childhood education administrator, a school principal, and assistant principal, Lauran knows what it takes to set up an environment for children to succeed. As a kindergarten through sixth grade teacher, she was responsible for general education of students - curriculum includes, language arts, reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies, science, art, music, and physical education.

Lauran is committed to student achievement and services that provide equity, social health, and wellness for students. In her day jobs, she serves as the Program Manager for Attendance and Discipline Support Service in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). She also supports others as an Educational Leadership Coach in the Alameda County Office of Education.

Lauran holds a Master of Education/Administrative Credential from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Public Administration from American University in Washington, D.C., and is a proud alumna of Hampton University.

Executive Board


Anisa Rasheed

Assistant Principal, Montera Middle School

Anisa Rukan Rasheed has worked in the Oakland Unified School District as a teacher and administrator for over 26 years. She is a Bay Area native, mother of two wonderful adults, grandmother of four beautiful children, and a longtime Bay Area educator who has worked in the Richmond, Oakland, and Berkeley Unified School Districts. Anisa is the former Principal Dancer and current President of the Board of Dimensions Dance Theater, and current member of the United Administrators of Oakland Schools Executive Council.

Anisa holds a B.A. and Masters Degree from Cal State Hayward University in Educational Leadership, and is currently an administrator at Montera Middle School in Oakland, California


Lee Thomas

Community School Manager, Futures Elementary School and Community United Elementary School

Lee Thomas has dedicated nearly twenty years of service to working with at-risk youth and families in both the public and private sector. He has worked for organizations and agencies such as the San Francisco Unified School District, City of East Palo Alto, YMCA of San Francisco, and YMCA of Silicon Valley. Lee is Red Cross Certified CPR and First Aid Instructor and often teaches classes for organizations in the community.

Lee was born and raised in San Francisco where he earned a B.S. Degree in Organizational Behavior and Leadership from the University of San Francisco and a MPA in Public Administration from Golden Gate University. In 2006 he moved to the Floresta neighborhood of San Leandro where he now lives with his wife Ida, and two beautiful daughters.


Hattie Tate

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Coordinator, Juvenile Justice Partnership and Oakland Unite Program

Hattie Tate holds the position of OUSD Coordinator, Juvenile Justice Partnership in an inter-agency cross-county collaborative partnership representing both her District and her City, in the Oakland Unite Stop the Violence Programs. She led the redesign, expansion and cultural and climate shift of OUSD’s Alternative Education Department’s to academic success in learning…piloted and launched personalized online distance learning OUSD and Alameda County! 

Hattie is an “Arkansan” by birth. She grew up here in the Bay Area with nine siblings. Hattie attended Patten University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management in 1995, followed by a Vocational Education Teaching Credential at U.C. Berkeley’s Extension Program, in Adult Education. Early in her career she worked in Business and Finance but since then has been an Educational Leader, a Teacher and High School Principal in the Oakland Unified School District for the last 20 years. Her passion for serving in her community and educating youth led her to a 2003 Educational Leadership Master’s Degree and Administrative Credentials at Mills College. 

Hattie focused on helping “at risk youth become at promise,” by early volunteering in Substance Abuse Counseling through community programs. She was awarded “Teacher of the Year” by Alameda County early as a 2nd grade teacher.  She was instrumental as a Director in the School-to-Career transition to “small autonomous schools,” participating in the design of several academies that transitioned to small schools such as Gateway to College.  

Her community image rose from being a student, a family member, a parent, a resident, a property owner, an educator and a longtime “abolitionist of what’s wrong to create what’s right” in support of Oakland’s success!


Sandra Simmons

Program Manager, Behavioral Health Unit for High Schools, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)

Sandra “Sandee” Simmons serves as the OUSD High School Behavioral Health and Project Prevent Restorative Trauma-Informed Practices Program Manager, and has worked as a Program Manager for the past 7 years. Sandee supports principals and staff, and provides consultation on services specifically for our diverse Oakland high school students and families, crisis response, positive culture and climate, and counseling.

Sandee has a LCSW and is a child, adolescent and family therapist and school social worker who has worked in Oakland schools, Bay Area medical centers, crisis response programs and therapy clinics for over 25 years.

Sandee was born in Chicago, and is the first from her extended family to graduate from college. Sandee holds Bachelor degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science from Stanford and earned her Masters in Social Work and Pupil Personnel Service Credential from University of California, Berkeley.

Sandee has one son, Taj, who graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, and is currently a television news reporter in Raleigh N.C. She loves the Bay Area, being outdoors, traveling and meeting with kids and families.


Cliff Hong

Principal, Roosevelt Middle School

Cliff Hong has been the Principal of Roosevelt Middle School since 2010.  Before becoming a principal, Cliff taught middle and high school for six years in the South Bronx, Syracuse and in Oakland and was Assistant Principal in Oakland Unified.

In 2015, he was named an Executive Principal in the Oakland Unified School District and is currently a member of the Oakland Unified’s District Budget Advisory Committee and he is Co-Chair of the District Principal Action Committee. He is an ardent advocate for public education, which he sees as being absolutely necessary for a democracy to thrive.

He received his Bachelor's of Arts from UC Berkeley, a Master’s in Teaching from Pace University, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership through the Principal Leadership Institute at UC Berkeley. Cliff is from Southern California, and currently lives in Oakland with his partner Lindsay Imai and sons Yuji and Tomu.


Misha Karigaca

Coordinator in Attendance and Discipline, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)

Misha Karigaca currently serves as the Coordinator in Attendance and Discipline within the Oakland Unified School District. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching and leading within Oakland Unified School District.

During this time, Misha has worked as a substitute teacher, classroom teacher, and as a principal for the last 13 years. His years of leadership experience in planning, implementing, and supporting school and district initiatives to meet the needs of students and their families has given Misha a vast knowledge base.


Cynthia Bagby

Principal Redwood Heights Elementary School


Nancy Bloom

Principal Skyline High School


Enomwoyi Booker

Principal, Prescott Elementary School


Michael Ezeh

Program Accounting Manager, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)


Laila Jenkins

After School Program Manager, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)


Cassaundra Reed

Manager Food Services, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)


Marie Roberts

Principal Brookfield Elementary School

UAOS Staff

Executive Director


Jo Anna Cary Lougin 

Jo Anna served the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) for 35 years prior to her retirement in June 2005. She was the President of UAOS during the time she served as a middle school principal.

Throughout her career she worked with schools and volunteered in community actions. Jo Anna was honored at a White House luncheon under President Bush and given the JC Penny community award. She has served UAOS in leadership since 2007 and has focused on the rights of both classified and certificated administrators.

The focus of her work has been on contract development, equal representation, fair pay for all members, respect for the membership by all parties, ensuring job description are not over-loaded to a point that makes the job impossible, and representation of employees in labor disputes. Working in partnership with the district on issues of employee rights and cutting the number of March 15th notices to employees are among many other issues she has worked on.

Administrative Assistant

Qiana Richardson.jpg

Qiana Richardson

Site Principals UAOS Members

 Acorn Woodland Elementary School

Principal Leroy Gaines

Allendale Elementary School

Principal Desiree Miles

Alliance Academy

Principal Faris Jabbar

Bella Vista Elementary School

Principal Linda Flynn

Bret Harte Middle School

Principal April Harris

Bridges Academy

Principal Anita Iverson-Comelo

Brookfield Elementary School

Principal Marie Roberts

Burckhalter Elementary School

Principal Carin Geathers

Carl B. Munck Elementary School

Principal Denise Burroughs

Castlemont High School

Principal William Chavarin

Chabot Elementary School

Principal Jessica Israel Cannon

Claremont Middle School

Principal Jonathan Mayer

Cleveland Elementary School

Principal Peter Van Tassel

Coliseum College Prep Academy

Principal Amy Carozza

Community Day School

Principal Gary Middleton

Community United Elementary School

Principal Shelly McCray

Crocker Highlands Elementary School

Principal Jocelyn Kelleher

Dewey Academy

Principal Darrell Ross

East Oakland Pride Elementary School

Principal Michelle Grant

Ednar Brewer Middle School

Principal Aubrey Layne

Elmhurst Community Prep School

Principal Kilian Betlach

Emerson Elementary School

Principal Heather Palin

Encompass Academy

Principal Minh-Tram Nguyen

Esperanza Elementary School

Principal Kathleen Arnold

Franklin Elementary School

Principal Ingrid Seyer-Ochi

Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy

Principal Amie Lamontagne

Fremont High School

Principal Rosemary Rivera

Principal Tom Skjerheim

Frick Impact Academy

Principal Ruby DeTie

Fruitvale Elementary School

Principal Eugene Stovall IV

Futures Elementary School

Principal Shelley McCray

Garfield Elementary School

Principal Alicia Arenas

Gateway to College at Laney College

Principal Sean Taylor

Glenview Elementary School

Principal Rachel Quinn

Global Family School

Principal Dante Ruiz

Grass Valley Elementary School

Principal Tammie Hollis Prime

Greenleaf Elementary School

Principal Romy Trigg-Smith

Hillcrest Elementary School

Principal Maria McCormick

Hoover Elementary School

Principal Lissette Averhoff

Horace Mann Elementary School

Principal Tammie Adams

Howard Elementary School

Principal Nikki Williams

International Community Elementary School

Principal Eleanor Alderman

Joaquin Miller Elementary School

Principal Sara Green

Kaiser Elementary School

Principal Dennis Guikema

La Escuelita Elementary School

Principal Jeff Franey

Laurel Elementary School

Principal John Stangl

Life Academy

Principal Aryn Bowman

Principal Alykhan Boolani

Lincoln Elementary School

Principal Ivanna Huthman

Madison Park Academy Primary

Principal Sabrina Moore

Madison Park Academy Secondary

Principal Lucinda Taylor

Manzanita Community School

Principal Eyana Spencer

Manzanita Seed

Principal Diane Lang

Markham Elementary School

Principal Anita Summerlin

Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School

Principal Roma Groves-Waters

McClymonds High School

Principal Jarod Scott

Melrose Leadership Academy

Principal Moyra Contreras


Principal Michelle Deiro

MLK / Layfayette Elementary School

Principal Roma Groves-Waters

Montclair Elementary School

Principal Denise Saddler

Montera Middle School

Principal Darren Avent

New Highland Academy

Principal Yolanda Cater

Oakland High School

Principal Matin Abdel-Qawi

Oakland International High

Principal Carmelita Reyes

Principal Veronica Garcia

Oakland Sol

Principal Katherine Carter

Oakland Technical High School

Principal Staci Ross-Morrison

Parker Elementary School

Principal Rocquel Colbert

Peralta Elementary School

Principal Giselle Hendrie

Piedmont Avenue Elementary School

Principal Zarina Ahmad

Prescott Elementary School

Principal Enomwoyi Booker

Ralph J. Bunche High School

Principal Betsye Steele

Reach Academy

Principal Natasha Flint-Moore

Redwood Heights Elementary School

Principal Cynthia Bagby

Rise Community School

Principal Samantha Keller

Roosevelt Middle School

Principal Cliff Hong

Roots International Academy

Principal Geoff Vu

Rudsdale Continuation

Principal Willie Thompson

Rudsdale Newcomer

Principal Emma Batten-Bowman

Sankofa Academy

Principal Renee Bullie

Sequoia Elementary School

Principal Donald Bertolo

Skyline High School

Principal Nicole Pierce

Principal Bianca D’Allesandro

Sojourner Truth Independent Study

Principal Willie Thompson

Street Academy

Principal Gina Hill

Think College Now Elementary School

Principal Madeline Noonan

Thornhill Elementary School

Principal Steven Daubenspeck

United For Success

Principal Marcos Garcia

Urban Promise Academy

Principal Claire Fisher

West Oakland Middle School

Principal Neha Ummat

Westlake Middle School

Principal Maya Taylor

Assistant Principal UAOS Members

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Central Office UAOS Members

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